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Harriett V. Bennett

Harriett V. Bennett

Meet wordZwoman, Harriett V. Bennett, poet, playwright, vocalist, and author of A Love Deferred, her first published novel.  Readers have found an uncanny likeness to some of the characters who reflect their own experiences.  No surprise there.  The book incorporates a unique storytelling from the female and male voices, using some of what others have been through. 



Harriett’s faith in God,  love of her son, Jordan, and the press to write the real, are driving forces behind what she does. Like anyone, she wants to flow in all the gifts that GOD’s given her. She finds humor in the fact that, being past the half-century mark,  she’s still discovering them.  It is liberating because the forum to operate in them may not look much like what folks are used to seeing her in. 



Here's what wordZwoman says: "When I write I get what I call a goosebump bad reaction; a divine syncopation of words and internal rhythm.”  Harriett believes drawing a reader or a listener into her writing is like inviting him/her into her home.  The first time they may come out of curiosity or obligation, but if they return, she hopes that her transparency makes them feel welcome enough to come back again and again. 

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