Why AWIC Was Formed

Anointed Women In Christ (AWIC) was formed in 2010 because of the love of God and His deliverance for its leader, Chris Allen.  Chris desired to see God in a new way after feeling like church had become stale and regimented for her.  She had been praying to God to see Him in a new and fresh way because she was so involved in women’s ministry and wanted to see His women the way that He saw them.  God answered her prayer by allowing her to attend a women’s conference on April 22-24, 2010 in New York.  It was at this conference that Chris discovered how a small church could operate with such a kingdom mentality by displaying such an intense love for His people. 

Among the many speakers at this conference, there were two women speakers in particular that were powerful, anointed women of God who delivered the word with such authority and power that it penetrated Chris’ heart.  While God was doing spiritual surgery with His word, she didn’t realize the manifestation that was taking place.  It was on the last day of the conference when a woman named Patricia Burtafuko gave a testimony that Chris describes as, “so powerful that I literally saw God’s word off the page in a life.”  The Lord spoke to her and said, “This is how much I love my women.  I pursue them, and I want you to pursue them the way that I do.”

When she arrived home from the conference, Chris was watching Joyce Meyer on TV and the Holy Spirit spoke to her saying, “You are now whole.  It’s now time to minister with power.”  God had healed her even when she didn’t realize it.  She never included herself as one of those women that she had prayed to love as God loved.  It was at that moment that she realized how much God really loved her.

The following month, Chris attended a Multiple Sclerosis conference with her mother.  During the testimony of one of the speakers the Lord began to speak to Chris.  By the time the conference was over, the Lord had birthed Anointed Women In Christ (AWIC).  God had given Chris a sense of urgency to teach His women and people about His deep love for them.  He wanted to show them how to live the abundant life that Jesus Christ died to give them.  Chris Allen now had a mandate to teach His people, especially His women how much He loves them and how valuable they are to Him.  This is why AWIC was formed.